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******Streaming copyright and the Law******

Gerd Leonhard, Online Music Company
John Ousby, Virgin radio
Gavin Robertson, MCPS - PRS
Anthony Berman, Lawyer

This was an extensive discussion on the need to develop coherent and appropriate copyright protection legislation for the internet. The consensus was that there are no appropriate models for copyright protection on the net at present. The problems that copyright protection organisations
face include:
1) traditionally copyright protection has been legislated on a geographical basis, but the internet does not know these boundaries. Hence localised copyright organisations are now faced with the extraordinary task of having to communicate with each other on a global scale, and initiating a global strategy, before any advances on this issue can be made.
2) the copyright organisations do not have the resources to address this issue quickly
3) the copyright organisations acknowledge that traditional copyright legislation does not fit the new paradigm of the internet and they are struggling to find a new model.

The final advice on this issue was that because copyright legislation for the internet is a very vague issue it is important for commercial enterprises to get a good legal insurance policy incase they inadvertently become a precedent case in court.