400MHz版PowerPCプロセッサ、 64MBのRAM、256MB あるいは512MBのフラッシュメモリを搭載し、さらにRealm Systems社が開発したバイオメトリクススキャナ「citrix」を搭載し、MMC拡張スロットを装備し、電源とネットワーク・コネクタの両方の機能を持ち、USB経由で電源とネットワーク回線を接続先のシステムから引っ張りながら、そのホストにアクセスを提供する寄生型の小型Linuxサーバーの名称。詳細情報はURL(または、URL(で知ることができる。

* Dimensions: H: .50'' W: 1.75'' L: 3.5''
* Weight: 1.6 ounces
* 400Mhz PowerPC Processor
* 64MB RAM
* 256MB or 512MB Flash Memory
* USB 2.0
* Biometric Scanner
* MMC Expansion Slot

* Debian-based Linux with 2.6.10 Kernel
* Software Development Kit
* Sample Applications

* USB 1.1 and 2.0 Compatible
* Linux or Windows XP Operating System

* Plug and Play Power. BlackDog is completely powered by the USB port while connected and requires no external power adapter.
* Network Access. BlackDog can access any network available to the host computer that it is plugged into.
* Universal PC Access. With BlackDog, developers can access all applications and data on the device from any compatible PC.
* Designed for Mobility. The design of BlackDog makes the device durable and easy to carry.
* Robust Linux OS. BlackDog runs a Debian-based Linux operating system and comes with a variety of useful applications and utilities.
* Complete SDK. Includes environments that run on both Linux and Microsoft Windows systems.
* Multi-Factor Authentication. BlackDog uses two strong authentication factors ''what you have'' - the BlackDog device, and ''who you are'' - your biometric signature.
* Platform Independent Graphical Applications. X11 applications running on BlackDog will look the same on Windows and Linux hosts.
* Automatic Application Deployment. BlackDog can be configured to launch applications on the host PC when it is plugged in.

* Broad Application Support. A wide assortment of applications can be ported to run native on BlackDog.
* Leaves No Trace. BlackDog leaves no trace of your application or data on the host computer.
* Fast Boot Time. Boots fast at under 2 seconds, complete with high bandwidth file system.
* You Can Take It with You. With BlackDog, you can port and access your applications and data from many flavors of Linux (depending on user configuration), and Windows XP.
* Lock Down Your Applications and Data. With BlackDog's built-in biometric scanner, you can secure your stuff from prying eyes.