Who Controls the Internet?

Subject: [APC-ICANN] APC Members and partners' activity around ICANN - Update 03-Jul-00
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 11:07:29 -0300

APC-ICANN AWARENESS-RAISING CAMPAIGN: APC Members and partners' activity update

Who Controls the Internet?
ICANN wants to!

Almost half of APC member organizations are currently supporting the APC ICANN awareness-raising campaign, and encouraging their partners and users to register to vote in the upcoming ICANN elections. APC partners are also hard at work. If your organization is not promoting the campaign, there is still time to get involved.

- The power of translation

It is essential to get our message out in as many languages as possible. APC provided the initial campaign information on the APC Website in English and Spanish. Members and partners have so far translated the complete material into Japanese, German, Bulgarian and Slovak. Major thanks to JCA-NET, ComLink, BlueLink and ChangeNet. An abstract in Czech is available. There is still an urgent need to provide material in other languages, especially French and Portuguese. We need to reach more of our African, and also our Brazilian, counterparts. **Update! July 3 - material arrives in French! Thanks again, Colnodo!

- Using our global network

Other members across the world - from Romania, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, the U.K and the U.S.A - have provided native language links from their home pages to the APC campaign on the APC Website.

- Pushing the issue out to local networks

ComLink (Germany), GreenNet (UK), and IGC (USA) have provided links to the APC campaign from their home pages. In IGC's case, that also includes the various 'Net' pages (AntiRacismNet, WomensNet, etc.). But most importantly, all three organizations sent out special emails, or announcements in their weekly newsletters regarding ICANN. IGC's newsletters reach over 7,800 activists.

- Special Efforts from Colombia, Germany, Japan and South Korea

Colnodo, Colombia: Colnodo staff voluntarily decided to design an animated GIF banner for the campaign, which they then offered to produce in multiple languages. Colnodo will provide the banner to whoever wishes to link to the campaign. The banners are linked to a click-through registration system which allows us to keep track of people clicking through to read the information about ICANN. To obtain the banner contact: Ariel Barbosa ariel@colnodo.apc.org

ComLink, Germany: ComLink was one of the first APC members to put up information in their native language about ICANN. They have sent 'APC-ICANN Working Group' representatives to ask searching questions (helpfully provided by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) experts on the APC-ICANN list) at the Bertelsmann Foundation Internet Democracy Conference, held on June 15, 2000. ComLink is also facilitating an online discussion forum on ICANN at: URL(http://www.comlink.org/icann/index.htm)

JCA-NET, Japan and JinboNet, South Korea: Both organizations and their partners are promoting civil society efforts by holding Internet Rights and ICANN-related meetings for the general public, NGOs and IR specialists to coincide with the official ICANN meeting, INET 2000 and Jubilee 2000, all taking place in Japan during July.

- Where do we go from here?

Members and partners are now waiting for NGO-sector candidates to come forward to be nominated to ICANN's, until now, homogeneous Board of commercial and technological interests. ''I hope that someone will suggest good candidates from our regions,'' wrote Norbert Brazda of ChangeNet, APC partner in Slovakia, ''and that we will have time to inform our users how to vote.''

We should remember that very few voters have registered in both Africa and South America, so that is where our CSO-related registrations will have most impact. We encourage our African and South American members to promote the campaign. Keep watching the APC Internet Rights site for the next steps: URL(http://www.apc.org/english/rights/governance/)

[The Editor contacted all APC members to compile the information regarding APC member and partner activities around the APC ICANN campaign. If you have more information to contribute, please contact the Editor khiggs@apc.org. Thanks.]

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